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6 – Six: Imperfection, Humanity, Labor

6 – SIX



Six, according to Biblical numerology, is symbolic of imperfection. God created the universe, including animals and humans, on the sixth day. However, the creation became holy and perfect on the seventh day. “On the seventh day, God completed the work he had been doing” (Gen 2:2). Since God perfected his creation by a blessing on the seventh day, six stands for incompletion, imperfection, or human weakness.

Abraham interceded six times to God to save Sodom and Gomorrah, the sinful cities (Gen 18:22-33).

God commanded to have six cities of asylum “so that anyone who has killed a person inadvertently may flee there” until he is tried before the community (Num 35:9-15).

Jesus perfected the water and changed it to wine in the six jars through his first miracle at the wedding of Cana (Jn 2:6).

The crucifixion of Jesus was on Friday, the sixth day of the week.


Six stands for humanity because God created humankind in his image as male and female on the sixth day as submit of his creation (Gen 1: 27).


God created the universe in six days and rested on the next day (Ex 20:11).

Humans shall work for six days (Ex 23:12; 34:21). A Hebrew slave has to work for six years before his release on the seventh year (Ex 21:2).

When the Israelites were in the desert, they could gather manna only six days a week. God provided double quantity of manna on the sixth day for the Sabbath (Ex 16:5, 22, 29).

The Israelites used land for six years and then a year of no farming on the seventh year (Ex 23:10-11).


Jesus and John the Baptism were six months apart in age.

Angel Gabriel appeared to Mary and announced the birth of Jesus Christ on the sixth month (Lk 1:26).


Because of the original sin, we are born spiritually imperfect. Jesus made us perfect through baptism. God created the first parents perfectly and gave them the freedom to do good. However, they misused it and became imperfect by disobeying God. We also have the freedom to choose between the good and evil until the end of our lives. Let us not misuse that freedom. Instead, we shall do good on behalf of Jesus, along with the church he established.

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