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Andrew, the Apostle


Andrew was son of Jonas, brother of Simon Peter, and a disciple of John the Baptist. He was one among the two who heard John the Baptist introducing Jesus, saying, “Behold, the Lamb of God!” (Jn 1:35-37). He was the first to follow Jesus and was enthusiastic about introducing Jesus to his brother Simon Peter (Jn 1:40-42). Unlike his brother Simon, Andrew was not outspoken. However, he was enthusiastic about preaching the gospel. He preached in Asia Minor (Turkey), Scythia, east of Turkey, Greece, and Macedonia. He faced the martyrdom of crucifixion with boldness and courage. According to tradition, the enemies crucified him in the town of Patra in Greece in 61 A.D. by Governor Aepeas. At the time of his crucifixion, Andrew begged his cross to differ from his master’s because of his unworthiness to use the same type of cross. So, his was an X-shaped cross which is now known as St. Andrew’s cross. While on the cross for two days, he preached from there. Two-crossed fish is also used as a symbol of Andrew because he was a fisherman before becoming an apostle of Jesus and was crucified on an X-shaped cross.


Like Andrew, who introduced Jesus to his brother Simon Peter, let us also introduce the Lord to others. Andrew is a model of humility and boldness for Christian witnessing. His faithfulness to the Lord empowered him to preach the gospel even while suffering on the cross. Let us find joy in witnessing to Jesus in our lives.

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