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Annas, the High Priest


John the Evangelist reports the soldiers brought Jesus after his arrest first in front of Annas, the former high priest and father-in-law of the then high priest Caiaphas. Annas was a corrupt person and had bribed the Romans to get the position of high priesthood. He had a business alliance with the merchants, who were money changers and sellers of sacrificial animals in the temple area. Since excessive exploitation was taking place in the name of God at the holy place, Jesus had wiped out the businessmen. That ignited the fury of Annas against Jesus and caused the arrest of Jesus.

Jesus questioned the trial of Annas because he was violating the Jewish procedure of the trial. The accusers were supposed to bring two independent witnesses against the accused. The judge was not supposed to ask leading questions to the accused. When Jesus questioned Annas on this, the temple guard struck Jesus. Jesus questioned that also because he was right in answering.


As a high priest and Jewish judge, Annas should have welcomed Jesus Christ as the Messiah and introduced him to the fellow Jews. Because corruption crept into his life, he had evil motives and considered the Messiah as his opponent. Thus, he was like a blind leading the blind, falling into the pit of destruction. Are we in the same role or are we under the influence of such mischiefs?

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