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Caesar Agustus


Caesar Augustus was the first and greatest of the Roman emperors who ruled between 27 BC and 14 AD. When 40 Roman senators, through a conspiracy, assassinated Julius Caesar in 43 BC, he had selected to name his sister’s son Gaius Octavius as his successor. He later got the name Caesar Augustus. Caesar defeated Mark Antony and Cleopatra in 31 BC and afterwards gained control over Rome and its extensive territories. He became emperor in 27 BC and the senate gave him the honorary title, Augustus. Augustus means ‘majestic.’ During his reign, he brought peace and prosperity to the empire.

During those days, there was no common religion. People considered the emperor as a god or son of god. Greek inscriptions reveal the people accepted Augustus as “savior” and “god” in the empire. After becoming emperor, Caesar Augustus maintained peace in the empire called “pax Augusta.” Jesus was born during his reign. However, the Evangelist Luke presents in the child Jesus, the true God and Savior, who brought peace into the world.


Emperor Caesar Augustus took power and extended his empire through war and later established peace in the kingdom. That peace was external and temporary. In contrast to this political ruler, Jesus came as the prince of peace in a humble and life-threatening situation. The peace he established is internal and eternal. Let us enjoy the spiritual peace that Jesus gives and accept the hardships of life with Jesus and his church to attain eternal salvation.

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