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Doors Shut


In the parable of the Ten Virgins, (Mt 25:1-13), the foolish virgins “were out buying oil when the bridegroom came, and those who were ready went with him to the wedding feast, and the doors were shut” (Mt 25:10). Thus, the foolish missed the entry when they returned with oil. The lack of enough preparation caused the downfall of their longtime goal.

God asked Noah to have only one door for the ark that he built to save his family from the deluge (Gen 6:16). After the selected pairs of animals and Noah’s family entered the ark, God shut the door (Gen 7:16). Thus, God destroyed the wicked as victims of the flood.

Jesus had warned of the sudden shutting of the door of heaven at his return that might embarrass non-practicing believers (Lk 13:25). Jesus has given enough warning beforehand to avoid such a tragedy. When Jesus the bridegroom comes again into the world to receive his bride, the Church, and takes her to his Father’s house for the wedding banquet, only those members of the Church who are spiritually prepared will join him in the banquet. Then he will shut the doors of heaven. The unprepared will lose the opportunity of attaining salvation. Hence, this is the time for conversion and spiritual preparation.
God answers our plea for help when we are alive. If God shuts the door of heaven preventing our entry, such prayers are futile as with the Rich Man in the parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus. So, the time for correction of our life’s course is now and God will shut the door of life at an unexpected hour, with no further hope of salvation for the spiritually foolish.

During the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus taught, “Only the one who does the will of my Father in heaven” will enter the Kingdom of Heaven (Mt 7:21). The oil the five foolish virgins lacked was the negligence in doing the will of the Father. Hence, any late call to open the door will become ineffective. Jesus said, “I am the gate. Whoever enters through me will be saved, and will come in and go out and find pasture” (Jn 10:9). Only he can open the door to us and once he shuts it, no one will open it for us. Jesus entrusted the key to this door on earth only to Peter and his successors. So let us stay in union with the Church that Peter and his successors lead and follow its directions in fulfilling the will of the Father.


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