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Feasts of Saints


The church celebrates the anniversary of death or martyrdom of saints as their feast day remembering their passage from world’s militant church to the triumphant church in heaven. It is the celebration of their birth into everlasting joy in heaven.

Though the church normally does not celebrate the earthly birthdays of saints after their death, there are exceptions to Blessed Virgin Mary and John the Baptist. Mary was born free of sin and the church celebrates her birth on September eighth. The church celebrates the birthday of John the Baptist on June twenty-fourth, six months prior to Christmas. The exception to celebrating the birthday of John is because when Mary visited Elizabeth and while John was in the womb of his mother, the Holy Spirit came upon him (Lk 1:15, 1:40-44).


All Christians who die in the sacramental grace are born in heaven partially or fully from the time of their death. Hence, we prayerfully remember our deceased believers. We also look forward to our birthday in heaven, which is far superior to our birth in this world.


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