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Fishing Net


During the Biblical times, there were two types of fishing nets used in the Sea of Galilee: drag-net and casting-net. Drag-net was a large one, cast from the back of the boat. While the boat moves forward, the four corners of the net were drawn together to catch the fish that get inside the bag-shaped net. Simon and Andrew were using such casting-net that they cast by hand into the water to form an umbrella-like shape to catch the fish. Jesus called Simon and Andrew while they were fishing.

Jesus told them: “Come after me, and I will make you fishers of men.” At once, they left their nets and followed him (Mt 4:19-20). Andrew was a disciple of John. Both Peter and Andrew knew Jesus before he called them. They knew it was a special call to leave everything behind for Jesus. They gained reward in the eternal life by serving Jesus and his church full time.


Jesus wanted persons who were humble and hardworking. So, he selected open-minded people as his apostles to continue his mission. Though all Christians are not full-time ministers of the church, all can serve him through the opportunities we get at home, church, workplace, and the community.


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