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Fruit Offering


According to Leviticus 19: 23-25, the fruits of the first three years of a tree were uncircumcised, and the Israelites did not eat them. In the fourth year, “all of its fruit shall be dedicated to the LORD in joyous celebration” (Lev 19:24). Thus, the Israelites offered the fruits of the fourth year in the Temple, where the priests and the owner ate them at the temple area. Only in the fifth year onwards, the owner could eat its fruit or sell for profit.


Everything belongs to God, and we are their guardians and His laborers in this world. God rewards us for our work in this world and in the world to come. Forgetting God, mistreating His representatives, not giving what is owing to God would make us unfaithful servants who deserve punishment. Let us acknowledge all the great favors God had done for us in supporting the church and the less fortunate in the community.

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