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Hosanna to the Son of David


Hosanna is a combination of two words. Hoshia-na means “save now.” It refers to Psalm 118 that had been a liturgical hymn of the Feast of Tabernacle seeking God’s salvation of humanity and was associated with the use of palm-branches. This invocation for help had eventually become an acclamation of jubilation and welcome to the pilgrims by the native people in Jerusalem.

When the people acclaimed Hosanna to the “Son of David” during the entry of Jesus into the Temple, it was directed specifically to Jesus and was an acknowledgement of him as the Messiah, the successor of David. According to God’s covenant with King David, the messiah would come from David’s lineage and he will rule all nations for eternity (1 Chr 17:11-14).


Jesus is the only person who can save us from the eternal destruction. Like the people who welcomed Jesus into the Temple acclaiming Hosanna, let us welcome him into our hearts and surrender ourselves at his service so we join him in the heavenly Jerusalem after our life on earth.

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