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Jesus and Passover Preparation


There were several items to be prepared for the Passover meal. The step-by-step preparations, along with how they apply for the sacrifice of Jesus as the Pascal lamb, are:

1. Selection of the lamb on the tenth of Nisan: Each family would select a one-year-old unblemished male lamb for sacrifice. In Jesus’ case, he stood in for the unblemished male lamb, whom the family of Israel had selected and brought to the Temple, and the priests approved him for slaughter. This happened on Palm Sunday that was the tenth of Nisan. The slaughter would take place in the Temple on the 15th of Nisan that starts at 6:00 pm on the 14th, according to the Gregorian calendar and ends at 6:00 pm on the 15th. According to the Jewish calendar, Jesus instituted the Holy Eucharist, and the soldiers crucified him on the same date, 15th of Nisan.

2. Searching Leaven on 13th of Nisan: The family would check and remove any leaven in the house based on God’s commandment: “For seven days, no leaven shall be seen throughout your territory” (Deut 16:4). Jesus did this on Palm Sunday by expelling the unjust merchants who defiled the House of God and clearing their livestock from the Temple area.

3. Foot washing on 14th of Nisan: When the guests and members of the family arrived at the house for the Passover meal, a slave or servant would wash their feet. Since his disciples did not perform this, Jesus did this for them during the meal, which was unusual. It was to teach them how they should follow his ‘servant leadership’ in their ministry.

4. Table setting: The family sets the Passover table Charoseth (a sweet dark-coloured paste made of fruits and nuts), unleavened bread, vegetables, vinegar (karpas), four wine glasses, red and warm wine bottles, and several candles. The people would recline with the support of bolsters around a low table about 18 inches high. They would arrange seating according to the age or social position of the participants.

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