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The Last Supper wasn’t merely a gathering for a final meal; it was a transformative event, a sacred betrothal unlike any other. Here, Jesus, the perfect Bridegroom, established a new covenant with His Church, the bride. Through His apostles, the foundational pillars of the early Church, He initiated this eternal bond, echoing the rich traditions of Jewish weddings.

Just as a groom presents a dowry (mohar) to his bride’s family, signifying his commitment and securing their union, Jesus offered the ultimate sacrifice – His own life. As Matthew 20:28 and Mark 10:45 remind us, He gave Himself as a ransom to redeem His beloved followers. This act of selfless love, surpassing any earthly dowry, sealed the covenant with an everlasting bond.

But the story takes a beautiful turn. In Jewish customs, after the betrothal, the groom would depart for his father’s house, undertaking the joyous task of preparing a place for his future bride. Following this tradition, Jesus ascended to Heaven, promising to return one day. He is actively preparing a place for us in His Father’s mansion, a place of eternal communion, as He declares in John 14:2-3. We, the Church, eagerly await His glorious return, when the full marital union, brimming with love and joy, will be realized.


This beautiful metaphor unveils a profound truth: as the Church is Christ’s bride, we, the believers, are His children, embraced within the everlasting covenant of love. Yet, some claim to follow Christ but distance themselves from His Church.

Living the Covenant: Being part of the Church isn’t passive membership. The covenant calls us to active participation. We are called to live out its principles by loving one another unconditionally, serving our communities with compassion, and sharing the Good News with a world yearning for hope.

Awaiting the Bridegroom’s Return: As we actively participate in the Church, living out the covenant in our daily lives, we eagerly await the day when Jesus, the Bridegroom, returns to claim His bride. It will be a glorious reunion, the culmination of His promise and the full establishment of His Kingdom.

Let us live with unwavering faith and unwavering purpose, cherishing the unparalleled covenant of love established by Jesus, our Bridegroom. May we be a vibrant and active Church, a radiant testament to His love, as we wait for His glorious return. The Church, adorned with the good works of its members, will then be presented to Him, a radiant bride ready to enter the eternal wedding feast.


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