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Jesus’ Hour and Escape from Enemies


Jesus avoided confrontation with his enemies in the early stages because his hour had not yet come. Such instances were not out of fear, but to avoid his immediate and untimely assassination in Galilee. His self- sacrifice should happen in Jerusalem, and not in Galilee. Jesus had withdrawn from public glare frequently in Mark to escape his enemies (Mk 3:7), to pray (Mk 1:12; 6:46; 14:32-33), for rest (Mk 6:31; 7:24; 7:31; 10:1), and for private confabulations with his disciples (Mk 7:17; 9:2).

Moving from place to place because of persecution was tolerable for Jesus because he did not want Christians to fight against their opponents or throw themselves unnecessarily into danger. The disciples should continue their mission rather than face untimely martyrdom. So, Jesus had advised his disciples, “When they persecute you in one town, flee to another” (Mt 10:23).


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