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Jesus, Passion


The sequence of events during the Passion of Christ according to the gospels is:

1. The Agony in the Garden
2. The Betrayal and Arrest of Jesus
3. The Inquiry before Annas
4. Peter’s Denial of Jesus
5. Jesus Before the Sanhedrin
6. Jesus Before Pilate
7. Jesus Before Herod
8. The Death of Judas
9. The Sentence of Death
10. Mockery by the Soldiers
11. The Way of the Cross
12. The Crucifixion
13. The Death of Jesus
14. The Burial of Jesus


Jesus foretold the sufferings he would endure because he came for our salvation through the cross. No one in this world is free from sufferings. However, Jesus gave meaning to the sufferings and showed us how to accept sacrifices for the good of others. Let us learn from the passion, death, and resurrection of Jesus and be positive in our sufferings and sacrifices with the hope of our resurrection, leading to the eternal joy with God.

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