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Jesus, the Passover Lamb


The Passover feast involved selection of a sacrificial lamb, free from blemish, on the tenth of the Jewish month of Nisan. Jesus was the perfect “lamb” free from sin that God selected to offer as sacrifice for the atonement of all humanity on the same day, the tenth of Nisan, which according to Christian calendar, was Sunday, April 2nd.

The last supper of Jesus was a Jewish Passover Meal that was a remembrance of the deliverance of the Israelites from the slavery of Egyptians. It was also a recollection of slaying a lamb and marking the doorposts of their houses with the blood of the lamb, so the Lord would save their first-born children from the final plague of death. Jesus was getting ready to replace the blood of the lamb with his own blood and mark it on the cross instead of the doorposts so that his first-born children in faith would be saved from the eternal death.

This Passover lamb should be sacrificed only in Jerusalem on the 14th of Nisan that was on Thursday, April 6, from sunset to April 7th sunset. The soldiers crucified Jesus during the same time on Friday, April 7th in Jerusalem outside the city.


God fulfilled His promise to humanity by sending His son among us. Jesus voluntarily ransomed his life for us to liberate us from the bondage of Satan and sin. It is our responsibility to accept Jesus as our savior and cooperate with him.

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