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Paralytic Man and Paralysis


Palsy or paralysis is a neurological problem that causes muscular stiffness, usually with a lack of sensitivity. So, the person will be immobile partially or almost fully. Four men had to carry the paralytic, implying that he was paralyzed neck down. The Old Testament describes a paralysis attack happening during the Maccabean battle. When Alcimus ordered the tearing down of the wall of the inner court of the sanctuary and thus destroying the work of the prophets, he “was stricken, and his work was interrupted; his mouth was closed and he was paralyzed, so that he could no longer utter a word or give orders concerning his household. Alcimus died in great agony at that time” (1 Macc 9:54-56).

The paralytic man was helpless and could not take care of himself. However, four people had compassion on him and took the effort to carry him to Jesus. They did not wait to have Jesus come to the sick person’s house. That showed their enthusiasm to get healing for their friend without delay.

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