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Purification Offering after Childbirth


God had commanded to offer a yearling lamb as a burned offering and a pigeon or a turtledove as a purification offering on the 40th day after giving birth to a male child (Lev 12:6). If the mother could not afford a lamb, she could substitute the lamb with a turtledove or a pigeon (Lev 12:8).

Since Joseph and Mary were coming from their temporary stay in Bethlehem and Joseph was out of work, they could not afford to buy a lamb. So, they had to join other poor couples in offering only birds (Lk 2:24).


Joseph and Mary knew Jesus was the Son of God. However, they presented him in the Temple as the first-born male. However, that led to the special witnessing of Simeon and Anna at the Temple. Let us also respect the church traditions in our religious life.


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