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Recline at Table for Banquet


According to the Jewish custom of Biblical times, people were reclining on cushions around a low-level table for banquets. The original Passover in Egypt was done in a standing position. Later, they did it in a reclining position to show their relaxation and freedom because of their redemption from slavery.

“Recline at table” represents the love, relaxation, joy, intimacy, and communion of saints in the Kingdom of God. This was how Jesus used to eat at houses and at the last supper. The prominent persons were in the middle and others were on the two sides of a U-shaped table setting. Though seats were not pre-assigned, guests were supposed to know where to recline. Once the guests seated themselves, the host would come to see the guests as given in the parable of the wedding garment (Mt 22:11).


Though God had invited the Israelites for the spiritual banquet His Son offered, they excused from accepting the invitation of Jesus (Lk 4:16-24). We are the newly invited guests to join the Eucharistic meal in this world and the eternal banquet in heaven. Let us not find excuses for avoiding the divine invitation.


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