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Shekinah Cloud


The glory of the Lord means a manifestation of God’s presence. The rabbis call it Shekinah, which means “that which dwells.” Though the Bible does not use that term, the rabbis coined it to signify God’s dwelling on the earth. It was first visible when the Israelites left from Succoth escaping from Egypt. The Lord appeared to them in a cloudy pillar during the day and a fiery pillar by night (Ex 13:20-22). The Lord’s glory later filled the tabernacle. “Then the cloud covered the Tent of Meeting and the glory of the LORD filled the Tabernacle” (Ex 40:34). This glorious presence of God continued in the Temple of Jerusalem (1 Kgs 8:10-11). However, the Shekinah cloud of the divine presence disappeared before the Babylonians destroyed the first Temple Solomon built.


God’s presence returned with the incarnation of God. Jesus established the Holy Eucharist to continue his presence and salvation in the world. We experience when we take part in the Holy Eucharistic celebration.


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